9 Best Health Supplements for Optimal Health: Supplements Guide

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Nowadays, people are constantly been bombarded with so many diet plans; all aiming to be the ‘perfect diet’ in the world.

But nevertheless, the million dollar question is:  Do you get all the essential vitamins, minerals and the power punch antioxidants to its fullest capacities from these diets?

I guess even the popular ones (Meditarrean, Paleo, Weight watchers,etc) fall short in providing all the essential nutrients required to achieve optimal health.

9 Best Health Supplements for Optimal Health

That’s where the health supplements play a vital role in helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

Health supplements will also help you bridge the gap when it comes to maximum absorption of micronutrients.

For instance if you consume food rich in oxalates, there is a less chance of your body absorbing iron and calcium to its fullest capacity.

Also, if you combine food rich in lactose with eggs or any high protein source, there is increased risk of indigestion, boating and gas fermentation.

But you may ask who has the time and patience to know how much percentage of vitamins and minerals are absorbed by the body for the different types of food I eat.

The best answer  is eat wholesome foods, cut out the sugars, load on with veggies, lean proteins and take the health supplements without fail.

Before I throw light on some of the best health supplements you should start consuming, make sure you don’t get honey trapped to low quality supplements that are cheap and doesn’t adhere to strict quality standards.

Instead, opt for high quality pharma grade health supplements that have met strict standards on manufacturing, labeling and nutrient content.

Best Health Supplements for Optimal Health

It’s always a great option to ask your family doctor about which health supplement brands to rely upon.


You heard me right! Multivitamins have some surprising health making benefits and  has topped the charts as the most popular dietary health supplements among the American Adults. (Based on the survey conducted by the Council of Responsible Nutrition)

Multivitamins supplements will always fill the gap in case you miss out on any essential nutrients on any given day.

Always check the label containing list of nutrients and find the multi vitamins that you require the most.

Most of the population is low on essential Vitamins like D, C and A and B complex vitamins and trace minerals like zinc, selenium and chromium.

So opt for supplements that can give a good dose of these nutrients.

Also, multivitamins health supplements are generally power packed with nutrients, so you will stay less hungry.

This in turn makes you eat less and saves you from gaining extra pound which is usually the case with over eating.

Fish Oil:

Fish oil can be a great health supplement if you can’t consume oily fish due to unavailability in the place you live or you happen to be a vegan.

Fish oil is extracted from the tissues of a fatty oily fish and is rich in health inducing Omega 3 essentials fatty acids (DHA and EPA).

Numerous studies have shown that high levels of DHA and EPA in the body increases good cholesterol thereby lowering the risk of heart diseases, boosts metabolism and improves immune function.

Do you know that Omega 3 deficiency is one of the top 10 causes of death in America? (Based on the research conducted by Harvard University)

So grab on to high quality fish oil health supplements and live a disease free life.

Vitamin D3:

Vitamin D3 is the most under rated vitamin and a deficiency in Vitamin D3 will make you susceptible to  muscle weakness, poor cognitive function, bones abnormalities, mal absorption of calcium and phosphorous to name a few.

The good news is that Vitamin D3 is the natural form of Vitamin D and hence readily absorbed by the body (bioavailability) through the skin’s epidermal layer.

But people who do not get enough sun exposure (skin produces D3 in touch with the sun’s UV rays) or vegetarian by diet are prone to Vitamin D3 deficiency as it is a fat soluble vitamin.

That’s why it is most important to take this vital vitamin as a health supplement to support your immune, bones and teeth especially.

The recommended dosage of Vitamin D3 for an average adult stands at 800 IU/day. Make sure you find a good quality Vitamin D3 health supplement to get the daily dosage.

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9):

It is a well known fact that a deficiency in folic acid causes anemia in both adults and children since the red blood cells are directly dependent on this essential B vitamin (B9) for its proliferation.

Also a good dose of Folic acid supplement prevents birth defects in child bearing women and reduces the risk of hyper tension significantly.

Make sure you get it from both whole foods like green leafy vegetables, legumes, fruits and also from dietary health supplement.

Though it is the top most dietary supplement recommended for women, men should also consume folate health supplements to promote sperm health.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10):

CoQ10 called as Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that is present in our cell membranes and protects our DNA and cell wall from oxidative damage.

Due to our increase exposure to free radicals from a polluted environment and junk foods, it has become all the more necessary to take CoQ10 health supplements.

A daily intake of 100 mcg of CoQ10 supplements will keep your bodies inflammation at bay.


Calcium is an essential mineral that our body need for healthy bones, teeth, maintain heart rhythm , muscle function, prevents colon cancer and aids in weight loss.

While the average adult requires 1000mg/ day, post menopausal women need up to 2000mg /day to counter the loss of estrogen in their body.

Since the body doesn’t produce calcium of its own, taking calcium health supplements throughout your life is a great idea.


Iron generally has low a bio availability (not readily absorbed by the small intestines) making people more susceptible to iron deficiency.

Along with heme (animal based) and non heme (plant based) foods, you need to take quality Iron health supplements to fulfill RDA daily Iron requirements.

Consuming Iron supplements is mandate for pregnant ladies to supply the baby with oxygen and nutrients and for women in general to counter the loss of blood due to monthly menstruation.


Boron is a trace mineral that is essential for building muscle mass, improve brain function and most importantly increases testosterone in men.

Since it balances hormonal problems in men, intake of boron in recommend levels can contribute to prostate health.

If you live in area that has depleted boron levels in soils, boron supplements can come handy.


Just like Boron, Selenium an important trace mineral that is found in abundance in soil. Poor soil conditions in your country may lead to deficiency of Selenium.

Selenium deficiency leads to chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease, increased risk of mortality, poor immune function and cognitive decline.

In case you are in medications, it is advisable to talk to doctor before taking Selenium health supplements.

Final Note..

Remember all the important health supplements mentioned will only work if combined with wholesome foods.

So take supplements along with a balanced diet and cut out on junk and sugary foods for optimal health and longetivity of life.

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