5 Best Natural Supplements for Muscle Gain – Men Need Right Now

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A healthy way to gain muscles – follow a healthy clean diet, get proper amount of sleep and do dedicated high intensity exercises at regular intervals.

This is a kind of must if you have ever thought of building muscles.

Once you are into this lifestyle, you need to start stacking yourself with the right supplements.

Because these best natural supplements for muscle gain will amp your training performance results and muscle recovery.

Best Natural Supplements for muscle gain

Protein / Whey Protein / Protein Powders:

Protein powders are hands down the best supplementary product to start with if you are planning to gain muscle.

The supplement market is filled with a variety of protein powders from vegan protein to the more popular whey protein isolate.

Since proteins are the key to build muscles, make sure you choose the protein powder available in the market wisely.

Without sufficient protein in your diet, it would very difficult for the muscles to repair, recover and rejuvenate.

Especially, if you are into cardio and weight training, make protein your best friend before hitting the gym.

Fish Oil:

Omega 3 fatty acids work hand in hand with your protein intake for gaining solid muscle mass.

The EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are the two fatty acids that help your body utilise fat better and convert it to necessary fuel.

Fish oil extracted from the tissues of oily fish contains DHA and EPA and can be your best natural supplements for muscle gain.

Not just that, fish oil are overall health creating and helps in improving metabolism, better muscle development, bone health and overall body mass index.

The daily recommendation are around 2 – 3 capsules and many athletes and weight lifters consume it for improving their overall energy levels, better physical endurance, better nutrient absorption, etc.


Creatine is another important supplement to consider for muscle gain. When you add enough red meats, pork, poultry and fish to your diet, our liver, kidney and pancreas naturally produces sufficient amount of Creatine.

Also, it one of the most popular supplements consumed by boxers, athletes and power lifters in particular for muscle gain.

The main role of creatine is to provide you with ample energy and assist in overall muscle growth.

If you happen to be a vegan, you can consume creatine in a supplement form.

Just mix one tbsp of creatine powder in your health drink or protein powder shake. Drink it before and after workout for best results.


BCAA are referred as branch chain amino acids is a combination of three essential amino acids ( Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) that our body requires the most.

They are considered important supplement for muscle gain as our body doesn’t produce these essential amino acids of its own.

You need to consume BCAAs to help body repair, develop and increase the muscle mass from a work out session.

BCAAs supplements are available online and offline stores. Mix 1 tbsp of it in a glass of water and consume it during workout intervals for best results.


Glutamine is a very effective natural supplement for muscle gain and is most frequently used by body builders.

That’s because, in order to expand muscles, you need to grow muscles and simultaneously prevent muscle loss.

Glutamine comes to rescue as it limits excess energy loss and muscle breakdown even if you had amped up your exercise reps. It provides endurance and stamina and thereby more retention of muscles.

Also, Glutamine supplement improves the body’s ability to utilize fat and burn it efficiently, thus leading to muscle growth and weight loss.

You can have your glutamine supplement both pre and post workout for best results!

Gaining muscle is no rocket science. Just take baby steps and stack up these best natural supplements to improve muscle, strength and stamina.


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