Best Supplements For Men Over 40 – Stay Healthy and Youthful

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As men get to their late forties, their body slowly starts giving them signs of aging, energy issues, sluggish metabolism and what not!

But if you are determined to stay youthful and less tired and more energetic, our best supplement for men over 40 is going to keep you on track.

Do you know the supplement industry has crossed the $200 billion already? Such is the magnitude of people stacking upon supplements blindly.

We are only going to pick and choose those natural supplements that are beneficial for men in their forties.

The Need Factor to Buy Supplements for Men Over 40:

The main culprit is your male sex hormone ‘Testosterone’.

As men age, especially after 40, your muscle mass starts decreasing and you may experience less sex drive and low libidos than before.

In general, the testosterone remains at peak till 30 and starts declining thereafter, which can affect many of men physiological functions such as aging process, how a man looks and feels, etc.

Apart from the general symptoms like low sex drive and aging process, you should also watch out for other subtle signs of body.

It could be increase in your waistline (abdominal fat), sluggish metabolism, starting of obesity, bone problems, atrophy (loss of muscle), etc.

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Do you think mood issues and depression are reserved only for women?

Low testosterone levels can actually cause such havoc to the otherwise rock solid men.

Okay, should I buy Testosterone supplements?

There are a lot of testosterone boosting supplements that you could find from the supplements stores both online and Offline.

But do they come without any side effects? Sadly, it is not.

Any form of testosterone supplement (injections, patches and gels) can give you some potent side effects.

The best way is to find natural supplements that boost testosterone naturally and doesn’t have any side effects to it.

Best Supplements for Men Over 40

Best Supplements for Men Over 40 – Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is famously called as the Sunshine Vitamin.

You have heard  people saying to spend some quality time with the Sun to reap the benefits of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D pays a vital role in increasing testosterone levels in men. Most men over 40 are deficient in Vitamin D.

But if you have cholesterol issues (which are a common case) or say liver problems, the Vitamin D2 from the sun is not going to get converted to the active form Vitamin D3.

So make sure you get a Vitmain D supplement from natural foods like fatty fish, mackerel, Salmon or through vitamin D fortified dairy products, cheese, egg yolks, organ meats, etc.

If you want to buy in pill form, make sure you look out for supplements that provide you the active form D3.

Best Supplements for Men Over 40 – Fish Oil:

I can’t stress enough the importance of fish oil as a best supplement for men over 40.

The reason being the omega 3 essential fatty acids present in fish oil are extremely healthy for the heart and has strong anti- inflammatory properties.

It is also health boosting as it lowers the bad cholesterol significantly and prevents blood clotting.

The EPA and DHA present in the fish oil are extremely good for the brain health and help you have a sharp memory, mental health and keep all the cognitive diseases at bay.

You can consume fish and sea foods on a regular basis or take fish oil capsules in a supplement form.

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Best Supplements for Men Over 40 – Ashwagandha:

We have already discussed the side effects of buying synthetic testosterone pills for boosting your male virility and strength.

Ashwagandha is a natural herb used by ancient medicinal practitioners in India some 5000 years back to promote male sexual health and stamina.

These medicinal herbs help body lower stress level and restores the hormonal balance in the body.

Studies have found that stress play a major role on men who experience decline in testosterone as it disrupts the natural role hormones play in the body.

Supplementing your health with Ashwagandha on a regular basis will help reduce the stress hormone cortisol to a great extent.

It also increases muscle building hormone DHEA and improves the overall physique of men in their forties.

Best Supplements for Men Over 40 – Magnesium:

Magnesium is one of the most important mineral to be supplemented for optimal men health.

Magnesium plays a vital role in many of our body’s important biochemical process and most people are deficient in magnesium.

A sluggish metabolism and a raise in blood pressure are common signs of magnesium deficiency.

All green vegetable are rich in magnesium, but in countries who soil is running out its mineral should make sure that they take magnesium in a supplement form as well.

Also, magnesium is a great de stress mineral which makes it the best supplement for men over 40 to be consumed in regular basis.

Last but not least,

If you are man over 40 and is mainly concerned about the loss of lean muscle, Creatine is the supplement you should opt for.

The liver produces creatine and is mainly used for the supply of energy to the cells. It will increase your endurance and worn you out less if you work out regularly.

Like Creatine, Vitamin E supplements too will help in muscle recovery for men over 40 hitting the gym.

Happy supplementing for better health and active lifestyle!

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