7 Best Supplements Men Need the Most: Ultimate Guide for the Gym Lovers

If you are an athlete or a gym freak, listen to me there is more out there than just whey protein powders.

Instead of loading up on these promising muscle building powders or popular health supplements, work out on your nutritional profile and find the gap you need to work on.

The handpicked best supplements for men that I am going to discuss down goes fantastically well if you are already following a healthy diet and sound sleep daily.

But yes if you are not going to cut on your sugars, pizzas and other junk foods, you would have a hard time hitting your gyms targets. Even if you take these best supplements for men that I recommend.

Also lots of men who work out aren’t eating enough to get the required nutrition.

If that’s the case with you, then stick on to these seven best supplements for men to bridge the nutritional gap.

Best Supplements for Men


If you think you are mostly low in energy or run out of energy quickly, take a multivitamin supplement with B complex vitamins and vitamin D.

Ideally you should be getting the required micro and macro nutrients from a healthy balance diet. But a multi vitamins supplement will bridge the gap if you happen to miss out on any essential nutrients.

Also multi vitamins supplements are light on your pocket too, but make sure you choose a multi vitamin that contains B complex vitamins to improve central nervous system function and overall metabolism of the body.

Another option is to choose multi vitamins that are higher with Vitamin D.

Famously known as Sunshine Vitamin; the Vitamin D plays a crucial role in immune function, bone health and a strong central nervous system.

It is best to take Vitamin D supplement before or after your breakfast to feel active even after a strenuous work out at the gym.

2000 IUs are the recommended multivitamins supplement dosage that you can have on a daily basis.

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Your plain old coffee can surprisingly be an effective pre work out best supplement for men, especially for the gymaholic guys.

Lots of professional athletes and Olympians swear that a caffeine boost acts as a high performance enhancing drug.

It is always a great idea to supplement your work out with a cup of coffee before an hour as it greatly reduces the perceived exertion of a given workout.

Even if your body can metabolize caffeine well, do not overdo the caffeine in one sitting.

Remember, caffeine is diuretic by nature, so amp up your hydration levels.

Also, too much caffeine on any given day will affect your circadian rhythm and it may affect your post work our recovery.

So always stick to the recommended intake of 100 mg – 300mg caffeine supplement.

Carb Supplements

What if you can’t push yourself more on the exercise sets or the cardiac reps and you feel you lose energy the mid way, carb supplements may come to your rescue.

A typical carb supplement has purified glucose primers in it that provides sufficient glucose to the muscles that gets stress after a workout.

Carb supplements in particular have shown tremendous impact on long workout regime like high intensity cardio and strength training.

There are tons of carb supplements in the market, so do a proper research before finding one.

Cyclic dextrin, a carb supplement has gained recent popularity as it by passes the GI tract and enters the muscles quickly.

Take your carb supplements 45 minutes before performing any high endurance workouts.

Make sure you mix the carbohydrates with water to create a consistency that doesn’t cause indigestion and amp your energy level.

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If your work out contains a lot of heavy lifting you need a supplement that provides you with abundance amount of energy to your muscle cells.

Creatine is a perfect workout supplement that can help you achieve that as the acid in it helps create cells in the muscle produce higher amounts of ATP to cater the energy needs.

Before you get mixed feelings on whether it is safe to consume creatine, numerous research on creatine has found it to be absolutely safe; if taken in the prescribed levels and have no pre existing medical conditions like problem with your kidney function.

You can consume up to 5g of creatine a day and take it along with a protein shake before or after a workout.

If you happen to be a red meat lover, the good news is that they already contain creatine and you don’t have to take in a supplement form.

Omega-3 fatty acids:

Fish oils and Omega 3 fatty acids has been quite a rage among the supplement takers. Thanks to its good fats, high quality protein and the EPA and DHA factor in them.

Even research have backed omega 3s to be the best supplement for men in the fitness field.

Omega 3 greatly reduces oxidative stress from free radicals and fights inflammation which overall lessens the muscle soreness post workout.

It is particularly beneficial to the endurance athlete who gets more oxidative stress from the long distance training.

In such a case, endurance athletes need to get atleast 2000mg of omega-3 supplement after a work out every single day.

A normal male hitting gym requires 1000mg /day and a good quality cod liver oil capsules in gel or liquid form can help you achieve the figures.

Also add in plenty of seeds, nuts and fatty fish to your diet.


Probiotics capsules go hand in hand with protein powders as the bacteria in it reduces inflammation and improves much better protein absorption.

There are approx trillion bacteria in our intestinal gut that provides an array of health benefits to ur body.

Since Probiotics allows body to make the most out of your protein intake, combine it with protein shake post workout.

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Feel restless in the night because you overworked your body, try taking magnesium supplement to calm your nerves.

A sound sleep means a great post work out recovery for the muscles.

Also, Magnesium is one of the best supplements for men since the body needs them in large quantities for ATP production.

If you are a fitness person, you definitely need these.

Magnesium is also responsible for important cellular functions in the body such as healthy bones, muscles and brains.

Take around 400mg of your magnesium supplement right before going to bed to get some good solid sleep.

Final Note..

Always take supplements as a secondary or add-on thing to your work out regime and load up good amount of veggies, healthy fats and high quality protein foods in your daily diet.