Best Vitamins for Women Health: The Most Important Supplements to Have

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Women need to take some important supplements in their daily diet to tackle common issues such as fatigue and PMS.

Especially Vitamins comes to rescue when women want to take care of their bodily needs, be it monthly cycle or post menopausal hormone changes.

Along with a clean diet that contains non starchy veggies, lean protein and healthy fats, the right supplements can help women deal with their bodies smoothly over the course of a lifetime.

Best Vitamins for Women: Top 3

The three key micro nutrients women need the most are: B Vitamins, Vitamin D and Magnesium. These three big guys play a vital role in combating the disease women face in general.

If women are never deficient in these key micro nutrients, all auto immune diseases, diabetics and heart related conditions will never occur in the first place.

Also, they provide ample amount of energy, control stress and mood issues to a greater extent.

Let’s dig some more into these top 3 best vitamins for Women:

B Vitamins:

B vitamins are very crucial for the proper metabolism of sugar and starches and hormone production regularity.

Most of the inflammation and toxicity buildup that happens in the women body are caused due to excess production of estrogens. When you tend to eat foods that mimic estrogen, you need to reach out to B vitamins more than ever.

These B vitamins help in converting hormones in active or inactive forms, balance the hormone production and smoothens hormone related body functions. By doing so, your excess or bad hormones are gradually wiped out of your body.

Also, B vitamins help in the production of neurotransmitters that in turn keep your sugar cravings in control.

Women who consume food rich in B vitamins face less fatigue, mood swings and hormone imbalance in the long run.

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B Vitamins Rich Foods:

All vegetables, meat, fish varieties, whole grains, legumes and eggs have good amount of B complex Vitamins with them.

Additionally, you can take a B complex supplement pill that contains Vitamin B1, B2, B5, B12 and folic acid in sufficient milligrams.

Vitamin D3:

Did you know that low level of Vitamin D leads to so many complications in women?

Most of the women are not even aware that they need around 1000IUs of Vitamin D daily for optimal health.

Pregnancy issues, uterine fibroids, auto immune diseases, low bone density, bad cholesterol levels, depression, rise in stress levels, breast cancer, PMS, thyroid issues, menopausal issues and the list is endless if you become deficient in Vitamin D.

Even people who live near equator and tropics are susceptible to low Vitamin D since optimal liver health is also necessary for Vitamin D absorption.

Also, include calcium and magnesium rich foods because they work hand in hand with Vitamin D.

If you are planning to take a Vitamin D supplement, consider trying the active form D3.

Vitamin D rich foods:

The best sources of Vitamin D: Fatty fish, beef liver, cheese, egg yolks, mushrooms, Shrimp, Oysters and of course Sun.

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Magnesium is no where a vitamin, but it is so essential that I need to include in the top 3 for Women’s health.

Common symptoms of Magnesium deficiency include cramps, anxiety, constipation, sore muscles, sleep issues and an array of other symptoms.

Make sure you stay away from junk foods, sugary drinks, too much caffeine as they deplete magnesium to a good extent.

If you want to take it in a supplement form, make sure you take in the night before going to bed for a calming effort.

Start consuming magnesium rich foods to counteract bloating, digestion issues and obesity problems.

Magnesium Rich Foods:

All green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, any green colored veggies, all sea foods especially fatty fish, avocados, dark chocolate, etc are good sources of magnesium.

Other Supplements Women should consume in general:


Start consuming probiotics from foods and supplements as they are super healthy for Women.

Show some love to your gut by including yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, cheese, etc in your regular diet.

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Digestive Enzymes:

Take a digestive enzyme supplement that contains amylase, lipase and protease for the proper breakdown of starch, fats and proteins.

Using it regularly will help you absorb nutrients better from the food you eat.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Little do women realize that regular consumption of ACV balances the overall PH of the body, reduces acidity and improves the overall digestion ability of women?

Do it as the first thing in the morning by drinking a mixture of 1 tbsp of ACV to a glass of water.

Hope you start including vital vitamins and minerals on regular and keep the women inside you happy.

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