Do we need enzyme supplements? When to take digestive enzymes?

In short, enzymes are the catalyst (to make things happen) in the body. Enzymes are made out of proteins.

They either speed up or slow down chemical reactions within our cells. All the reactions within the cells of our bodies (we have on average about 100 trillion cells), need enzymes to allow all the metabolic pathways within the cells to work optimally.

The metabolic pathways are a series of chemical reactions that occur within each cell, to produce energy.

In order for the metabolic pathways to run properly, they require certain dietary minerals, vitamins, and other cofactors from our diet.

They also require a certain amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Since everyone has different metabolic pathways, so the required amount of fats, protein, and carbohydrates will vary from one person to the next.

Do we need enzyme supplements?

Since enzymes play a major role in the metabolic reaction within the pathway of our cells and require cofactors to switch them on.

If you are eating high quality, predominately, organic diet, but are deficient in enzymes, from eating too much poor quality food in the past. Your cells will not be able to use the food as energy, which can lead to a host of conditions, including skin problems, toxicity, and muscle pains.


What are the symptoms of enzyme deficiency?

All good quality foods are full of enzymes. Processed, dead foods are not. That’s what makes foods and people more alive, enzymes!

If you are or have been eating too many processed foods in the past, it takes up more enzyme activity from your digestive system to convert the food into living flesh and energy, therefore, making you deader and enzyme deficient.

So, the list of symptoms of enzyme deficiency are:

  • Loss of muscle in your body
  • Feel tired regularly
  • Quick weight loss
  • gas and bloating
  • Regular cramps
  • Feel pain in the center of the stomach, which will have an effect on your back
  • You will face a sign of vitamin deficiency
  • There would be a brittle nail, hair loss, and skin problems

Main Type of digestive enzymes

The three main digestive enzymes are:

  • Amylase – breaks down carbohydrates
  • Lipase – breaks down fats
  • Pepsin – break down protein

There are 10 in total, but these are the three main ones to allow optimal energy production in the cells.

What to do when you are in enzymes deficiency?

If you are low in digestive enzymes, then you need to start eating more meat and raw foods which are high in enzymes to build your “health and nutritional reserves” back up.

Because of your already weakened digestive system, you will not be able to break these “good foods” down effectively.

When you need digestive enzyme supplements?

You may need to use digestive enzyme supplements to “kick start” and support your digestive system back to optimal function, for a few months.

When you have optimal enzymes activity within your digestive and therefore your cells, you can stop using them.

If you feel that you have poor digestion, then visit a doctor and check whether you need digestive enzymes supplements.

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