How to Use and Eat Coconut Oil and its Benefits on Health

Changing your cooking oil could be more beneficial than you know. Coconut oil is a popular nutritional oil derived from the meat of matured coconuts.

We need to look at why coconut oil is one super-food you may not want to live without.

Why Coconut Oil is the healthiest oil?

Coconut oil may be the healthiest oil on the planet. It is said to be as nutritious, healthy, and healing as a mother’s breast milk.

It is a tree of life.

In fact, the coconut tree is affectionately known as “the tree of life” because of its nutritious sources of meat, milk, oil, and juice that have fed generations of people globally.

Many cultures worldwide have held the coconut in high esteem because of its nutritional and medicinal properties.

Contains good fats

In the past, coconut oil was deemed unhealthy because of its high content of saturated fats. However, medical research shows that coconut oil’s fat content is “good fats” the body uses to produce energy.

The fat in coconut oil is classified as medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), equivalent in nutrition to breast milk.

Anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties

The oil has anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties, kills viruses, and fortifies the body’s immune system to fight off infection.

Act as a dietary supplements

As a dietary supplement, coconut oil is a good addition to physical activity, exercise, and weight loss programs.

Besides cooking and baking, coconut oil is also excellent in caring for the whole body internally and externally.

How to Use Coconut Oil

  • Cooking – saute, bake, stir fry, grill, broil. Coconut oil can be used in the same manner as any other oil.
  • Taken orally – 1 -3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily is an excellent health fortifier.
  • Skin Moisturizer – apply coconut oil as an all-over body moisturizer for healthy glowing skin.
  • Hair moisturizer – Apply to hair BEFORE shampooing for soft moisturized hair.
  • Baby care – an excellent moisturizer for delicate baby skin after bathing. The minerals and enzymes create a protective layer on the skin and seal in moisture.
  • Toenail care – Softens cuticles and helps to eliminate toenail fungus.

When coconut oil is consumed as part of your regular diet, you will see improved overall health resulting in fewer colds, flu, and chronic illness.

Regular use also helps to regulate diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases.

Adding Coconut Oil:

  1. Place 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in your cup of tea or coffee.
  2. Spread coconut oil on morning toast in place of butter.
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to oatmeal.
  4. Add a tablespoon to smoothies and salad dressings.
  5. Drizzle a tablespoon of coconut oil over grilled vegetables.

Incorporating coconut oil into your daily eating habits is a powerful change you can make on your journey to better health.

But, purchase ONLY organic, expeller-pressed, no solvents coconut oil. You can find coconut oil at your local health food store or online.

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