Phenq reviews and results: Is Phenq safe? Complete Guide

Every fast food and dessert lover has to confront one inevitable situation in their life. Obesity!

The hard core fat just doesn’t leave you no matter what effort you put to reduce the weight.

Nothing is stubborn than a piece of fat hanging around the body.

Adding to this bulk are the numerous fake weight loss pills, powders and shakes that gives you sky high promises with zero results.

If you think this is your case, then introduce yourself to PhenQ diet pills.

PhenQ weight loss pills are popular yet safe weight loss supplement products made with natural ingredients.

They are vegetarian and vegan friendly and most importantly backed by science.

What are PhenQ diet pills?

PhenQ results as an amazing slimming product was possible with 190 thousand plus customers; thanks to its unique blend of natural ingredients that help body remove fat from all angles.

The purpose of PhenQ pills is to help people get the desired slim and sexy body with their distinct weight loss supplement formula.

Unlike normal supplement pills you find in the market, PhenQ diet pills are certainly helpful when it comes to losing weight.

The reason?

It targets weight loss in five different ways

Helps to burn stored fat:

The biggest challenge is to convert your body from fat storing to fat burning. And PhenQ does exactly the same.

It greatly enhances the body’s metabolism by stimulating heat production in the body.

As a result the body stars burning more calories than before and you will start seeing fat reduction mainly on the waistline, arms and butts.

Blocks fat production in the body:

PhenQ fat burner is basically a thermogenic (increases body temperature) weight loss supplement.

Some of the PhenQ ingredients in the pill (L-Carnitine and Capsimax Powder) facilitate the body to burn off stored fat better.

Once the body metabolism gets a boost, the body gets a signal to stop its fat production.

Instead, it starts removing excess fat that is already stored in the body and the first thing you will notice is  losing your water weight.

Act as a appetite suppressant:

You know the most difficult thing to fight on is the cravings that come along with the weight gain.

Even if you wish, you simply cannot say no to your favorite pancakes, breads, candies, pastas, etc.

I have been there and done that!

PhenQ pills come to rescue as it contains an ingredient called Chromium Picolinate that regulates the release of glucose levels.

Once the blood glucose levels are stabilized, the energy levels improves and stays for a longer time.

The more the energy the body has, the lesser the body’s hunger.

You will find yourself satisfied and end up eating lesser calories than before.

Enhance mood and energy level:

Do you know that increased blood glucose levels is the root cause of mood swing issues, tiredness, temper issues, low energy levels, stress, not feeling good from inside, etc.

The caffeine in PhenQ acts as a energy stimulant and help you speed up your weight loss.

If feeling low and negative vibes are haunting you big time, better start taking PhenQ pills and see the difference for yourself.

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PhenQ ingredients:

PhenQ diet pills are made of five major ingredients and concentrated into one single pill.

Capsimax Powder:

The thermogenic properties of PhenQ pills  helps you slim down by increasing the body heat and it comes from the four main ingredients that is added to the Capsimax powder.

They are Capsicum, black pepper, caffeine and Niacin (Vitamin B3).

capsimax powder


All these ingredients trigger the body to enter into the fat burning mode and stop the formation of new fat cells in the body.

Calcium Carbonate:

Do you know that calcium is not just limited to healthy bones?

It is also involved in the weight loss process of the body by signalling the cells to shift from fat storing to fat burning way.

calcium carbonate

Studies show that obese people have lost considerable amount of fat by taking supplement pills with good amounts of calcium in them.

So, it is good to know that PhenQ weight loss pills have calcium as one of their ingredients.

Chromium Picolinate:

Chromium present in PhenQ is a potent trace mineral that helps body curb sugar and carbs cravings to a great extent.

It does that effectively by steadily maintaining the blood glucose levels and not allowing it to fluctuate.

Chromium picolinate

Hence, the cells will receive enough glucose energy and you will find that you reach your favorite desserts less often.


Caffeine is one of the popular ingredients that you will find in almost every supplement pills and energy drinks.

The caffeine acts as an excellent stimulant and relieves the body from fatigue and dullness.


It increases sharpness, focus of brain and gives you an overall good feel vibes.

The PhenQ pills works the best when you combine it with exercise as the caffeine in it will boost your exercise performance and gives you the required endurance.


Nopal is a high fibre substance that is extracted from the cactus plants.

It is also extremely rich in amino acids that help you flush toxins from your cells and bloodstream.


The first thing you will notice after consuming PhenQ diet pills is that your water weight has been reduced considerably.

It is the Nopal in PhenQ that reduces fluid retention and gives the extra energy boost, all contributing to your weight loss.

L-Carnitine Furmarate:

L-Carnitine is a type of amino acid that assists the body in tapping its stored fat and utilize into energy when needed.

You will find that by taking PhenQ pills regularly, all your tiredness has gone and you will feel energetic than never before.

L-Carnitine Furmarate

Also, L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring substance and is found in abundance in red meat, nuts and vegetables.

So, include nuts, vegetables and high quality meats in your diet along with PhenQ pills to get the added boost of energy.

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Does PhenQ works?

Yes, it works amazing and will give a healthy BMI in the long run.

But before you buy PhenQ, you need to understand that it won’t give your weight loss results quickly.

In the initial days of taking PhenQ fat burner, you will experience heart rate going up, sleep issues, light dizziness, mood swings, mild headaches, sudden boost in energy levels, grumpy feel due to sudden loss of hunger, etc.

Just hang on for more time. It’s completely normal to experience a little uncomfortable as your body has started to lose weight.

You will definitely start seeing PhenQ results after 30 days at the least.

Also, couple PhenQ with dieting and exercising to see amazing results on your body.

Is there any PhenQ side effects:

It is very appropriate to ask this important question: is PhenQ safe?

No PhenQ reviews can tell you exactly how one feels after taking a supplement as everybody reacts differently to weight loss products.

With so many supplements out there in the market, you need to be double sure before buying any diet pills.

PhenQ diet pills are prepared and manufactured in FDA and GMP approved facilities in U.S and U.K.

Two important things to note here: 1) It is made of 100% natural ingredients 2) It is backed by science and research with extensive clinical studies.

There are no actual PhenQ side effects reported that will make your body go haywire.

Check their official website to know more details on that!

There is no life threatening side effects with this pill. But you may experience some symptoms when you start consuming as your body will undergo changes.

However, if you are on any medications currently or have an underlying disease, you need to consult with your doctor before planning to buy PhenQ.

Also, if you are pregnant, lactating your child and under 18 years of age, you are not advisable to consume PhenQ diet pills.

PhenQ results:

Below are some real PhenQ results that helped people to achieve the body and fitness they have always longed for.

PhenQ before and after: 

Before and after testimonial

PhenQ price:

Currently, PhenQ is priced at $79.95 per bottle. You will always buy their PhenQ pills at a lesser price.

They give you fantastic saving offers and free bottles offers if you buy in bulk.

The following are the options to buy PhenQ:

1 bottle – Retail price $69.95 (10% discounted) Original Price: $79.95 | click here to buy

2 bottles + 1 free – Retail price $139.90 ($100 discounted) Original Price: $239.85 | click here to buy

3 bottles + 2 free – Retail price $189.95 ($210 discounted) Original Price: $399.75 | click here to buy

PhenQ Price

Where to buy PhenQ?

If you are wondering where can I buy PhenQ, their official website is the best option.

You can also buy from Amazon, eBay and other online stores but one cannot guarantee the legitimacy of the PhenQ product.

They have clearly stated in their website that they don’t sell PhenQ diet pills on any other online stores other than their own website.

Just make a note of this!

You get 100% original product from their official website. Rest assured!

Also, you get a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

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They deliver all over the world in discreet packaging.

If you buy in bulk, you get huge discounts and free world wide shipping.

Their warehouse is located in U.S, U.K and Germany and all the orders are dispatched within 24 – 48 hours.

However, if you want to try just one bottle with them, you have to pay a delivery charge of $9.98.

Also, it is very safe to purchase with them as they use a secure checkout option through VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Skrill.

PhenQ coupon code:

There is no PhenQ coupon code as such that you need to enter in order to get some discounts while ordering.

But they provide great multi buy savings offer in PhenQ price.

The best recommend discount options are the buy two PhenQ and get one free bottle if you are newly trying the weight loss program.

For long term weight loss goals, try their buy three PhenQ and get two free bottles.

They also give a lot of freebie diet books and detox information booklets to help you get started with healthy eating habits too.

How to consume PhenQ diet pills?

If you have made your mind to buy PhenQ to lose those extra pounds, make sure you take two pills each day.

Take one in the morning before breakfast and other after lunch. Every bottle contains 60 pills and it is designed to be consumed within a month.

Since it has caffeine and other metabolism boosters, it is advisable not to take it in the evening or night.

It might keep you awake and the sudden energy boost won’t allow the body to relax.

Another great option is to take the pill right before your exercise routine if you plan to do one.

Remember, any diet pills including PhenQ will deliver best results if you combine it with healthy diet and exercise.

PhenQ customer reviews:

There are tons of PhenQ weight loss reviews that you will find online that will convince you endlessly to buy this pill.

But it is the PhenQ real reviews from actual users that made this amazing weight loss pill so popular among weight watchers.

I have handpicked some of the benefits stated by the PhenQ weight loss reviews for your convenience here

  • Energy levels better than ever
  • Body confidence
  • Increase attention and alertness of mind
  • Easy to way to lose water weight quickly
  • Very supportive weight loss pill for new fitness beginners
  • Good moods and positive vibes
  • Healthier BMI and fat to muscle ratio
  • Gain self confidence
  • Experience new look and feel
  • Less sugar and carbs cravings than before
  • Healthy and attractive at the same time

Before and after testimonial 1

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Final Thoughts:

Sit back and relax!

Your weight loss struggle ends up here!

PhenQ is a one stop solution to all your weight loss struggles that tends to go on and on.

Any weight loss pill that contains natural ingredients with no side effects is worthy of giving a shot once.

PhenQ diet pills deserve that!

P.S: Don’t forget to share your genuine experience with PhenQ in the comments sections.